Calendar and weather station

This is by far one of my most favorite parts of the day. The kids love it. Good thing this is how we start our day!

Many of the areas on our board I found for free online. Score! Why reinvent the wheel, right? I found both the calendar and weather board here at A Little Pinch of Perfect.

First, we talk about what the date is and our current season.

After we talk about the date, we write it out. I created this one myself and just laminated it.

After we talk about today’s date, we talk about the days of the week. Again, I made these myself and laminated them. (Only thing I would change is making this one full sheet instead of little squares. I now have dry erase marker on the sides that won’t come off.

When I write out the day of the week, I also spell it out loud as practice for my second grader.

After we write the date, we work on the weather. We observe how it looks outside and check out my weather app.

I store the rest of the unused items in little pouches I laminated and taped together.

That’s it! That is how we start each day!

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